• Doctor’s Notes

    Annotate, share and organise all your reading online. This app was developed for Health Care professionals to help them collaboratively work with their peers, reviewing articles and research online. This was developed at DIG London, a start-up incubator and digital product development project partnership between Digitas LBi and Astra Zeneca.
  • DIG London identity

    This visual identity was developed for DIG London a start-up incubator and digital product development partnership between Digitas LBi and Astra Zeneca. I conceived the logo as a development of the existing Astra Zeneca brand identity.
  • Co-op Bank

    User Centred Design brief, after leading a successful pitch, to develop a new user experience and design language for The Co-operative’s Banking and Insurance website. Our challenge, on one hand for the bank, was understanding user behaviour in a variety of modes throughout the purchase process, and present a balance of compelling sales information alongside enormous amounts of vital content; while on the other hand, for insurance, create an experience that was commercially competitive in this cut-throat market, without letting business needs usurp the user. Here’s an overview of what we did...
  • EE Comms Platform

    Design direction and development of EE comms platform for the brand launch, including; responsive HTML email templates, guidelines and masters for online advertising, mobile and tablet advertising and social channels.

    Our challenge was to create a consistent design system that would effectively communicate across all channels, platforms, devices and media spaces.
  • SSE – Energy Journey

    A design and strategic vision to explore how interface design can be used as a compelling tool in the consumer conversion process. By presenting what is essentially a complex and boring form in a visually engaging, tactile experience, it is possible to turn a low interest activity (getting a quote from your energy provider) into something that is not a chore; this in turn increases the likelihood of a return visit, thus generating revenue. Investment in interface design makes you money!
  • Orange Smartphones

    This started as a concept for a rich media banner campaign, soon it evolved into a full blown microsite for 'Digital Natives' - 30-40 year olds who have grown up with technology - as a means to wade through the quagmire of smartphone specs, reviews and user ratings, putting everything into one easy place, with reviews written by an independent technology critic, side by side with user generated write-ups and aggregated content.
  • Plenty website

    Design direction for this FMCG brand. Often the purpose of a website like this is twofold; firstly as a canvas for advertising campaigns - the design has to be almost vanilla to be able to cope with any content that might be thrown at it - and secondly as a place for consumers to download coupons, because that's pretty much all they're interested in within this sector.
  • Adventure Time

    I had the privilege to work for 18 months onboard the incredible expedition yacht Pelagic Australis. While work took up most of our time whenever there was a spare minute I would grab my notepad and make some sketches of the mind-blowing places we got to go to.  
  • Digital landscape

    Use your cursor keys* to navigate through my work, left and right to go back and forth within a project, up and down to jump from project to project. To help you get used to it I've added some lovely drawings... Enjoy yourself. * or even your finger!!