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Endemic disease awareness

Many travellers are unaware of the risks of endemic diseases in the places they travel. For instance, in many areas of Europe – a place so familiar many feel as though it's their own backdoor – there runs a serious risk of tick borne Encephalitis. Long-lasting or permanent neuropsychiatric consequences are observed in 10 to 20% of infected patients (, 1-2% of cases result in death with five to seven days.

This app sought to raise awareness of this problem, educate people about areas of endemic risk and provide useful contextual and local information. Our insight was that during the planning phase of a trip there was high user engagement and that by wrapping this important content within the context of a holiday planning experience you had a greater chance of propagating your message.

I was asked to develop concepts for this app, for which I created a prototype using Invision and Sketch, in order to bring the strategy to life and to put in front of users for validation.

Prototype and User Testing Questionnaire

The prototype is here:

And the user testing questionnaire lives here: